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Zion Lutheran Church - Torrance, CA

(310) 320 - 1771
1001 W 223rd St
Torrance, CA  90502


We are a Lutheran Church emphasizing the love of God as demonstrated in the life, teaching, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Our worship and ministry adhere to the tenants of Martin Luther's Reformation: by grace alone, by faith alone, and by Scripture alone.  Our congregation is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod [WELS].  The Lutheran Church and the WELS have a long history.
We are a Liturgical Church.  We follow a consistent order of service engaging people in meaningful worship.  A liturgy assures that each Sunday we will:
  • confess our sins with its guilt and be assured of God's forgiveness in the Confession and Absolution.
  • praise God through seasonal Hymns and special music.
  • hear portions (Lessons) of the Bible systematically reflecting the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.
  • declare our beliefs clearly and concisely with one of the three Christian Creeds.
  • teach our children with a special Children's Message in front of the altar.
  • learn God's Word and his will from the Sermon.
  • gather a monetary thank Offering for all God's blessings.
  • ask God for spiritual and physical needs in the Prayer of the Church.
  • leave with the Lord's blessing upon us in the Benediction.

These orders of service are found in our hymnal, Christian Worship.  Our Bible lessons are taken from the NIV 2011 (New International Version) of Scripture.  Both books are available in the pew racks.  The weekly service folder, which you receive from an usher, will guide you through worship.  We use different seasonal liturgies to focus our attention on the themes and moods of the Church Year.

We are a Church welcoming Children.  All children are invited to join the service.  All children are encouraged to join Pastor at the altar and participate in Children's Message amplifying the theme of the day.  If you have small children that do need to be removed from the sanctuary, we provide a video feed of the service downstairs.  We do not offer daycare for children during the service.  Our Lord Jesus invited even the little children to come to him.  We feel children are valued members of our congregation.  Their presence in the worship service is welcomed and encouraged.

We are a Sacramental Church.  We believe that in Baptism and the Lord's Supper God grants us the forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and salvation.  We celebrate the Lord's Supper on the first and third Sunday of each month, as well as selected festival occasions.  We practice the Biblical truth of Close Communion (as in "closeness" - one in faith). Members of the WELS and those members of church bodies in the fellowship with the WELS are welcome to receive the Lord's Supper. Please introduce yourself to our pastor before participating in the sacrament for the first time.

We are a Caring Church, which believes in supporting and encouraging our brothers and sisters in the faith.  Each Sunday following our worship as the family of God, we offer a fellowship opportunity.  We host refreshments in the lower level of the church.  Please join us for a cup of coffee and something to snack on. 

We are a Learning Church.  Following our fellowship time, there is an Education Hour for all ages. We have a Sunday School program for children and a Bible Study for teens and adults.  We also have other opportunities for Bible study.  Check out our calendar.  Join us to learn more about our Lord and his Word!

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